Sunday, June 20, 2004


Bike's Trip: College Park to State College to Columbia

So, here is my bike's story so far. I bought the bike last Tuesday at College Park Bicycles, and drove to State College, PA with the bike in the back of my Saturn. The bike stayed with me in the hotel room. Rather than leave the bike in State with Mark at the chalet, I drove back to Maryland with the bike on Friday.

Saturday I was meeting friends in DC for a going away party, and I did not want to leave the bike in my car at the Metro station, so I took it to work, and left it in my office.

Sunday I had to go in and do some work. I picked the bike up, and took it to my friend's house in Columbia, MD, where it is presently hanging out in his shed. I'll pick it up in a couple weeks when I am back in Maryland for work.

I've had this bike almost a week, and the only actual miles on the bike are the 0.08 miles Koala the bike shop girl pushed the bike to my car.

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