Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Deface some coins...

Those are pennies being used as seatstay caps on a cool Sycip.

Here goes a web site about smashing pennies. Oh, wait, this site is better.

I have two smashed pennies and a smashed 2 cent Euro coin in my collection.

The top one is the Lord's Prayer which I got by accident. I think I'll give it to my Mom for her 79th birthday. She's kind of a holy roller.

The bottom one is the one I really wanted, Natural Bridge, VA. You'd think Natural Bridge, VA would be like a national park or even a state park, but no. It is more like a tourist trap, but they did have a penny smashing machine.

I got the coin in the middle in Germany, at a castle along the Rhine River, near St. Goar. It is a smashed, errr, elongated 2 cent Euro coin. It cost 50 cents Euro to make it, a bargain.

Interestingly, the company that makes the machines is called Eurolink Design. Coincidence? Spooky!

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