Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Fat Guy and Bike...Together Again

I made the trip from Penn State to Cloumbia, MD and back again on Sunday to pick up my bike and finish cleaning out my apartment. My bike is now in my laundry/storage/bike room.

I haven't ridden my bike yet because Monday I moved into the new Fat Guy World HQ, Tuesday was my first day of work at Swift, and today we are running a test with TDRSS. I did take some time on Tuesday to walk around the industrial park/suburban development where I now live. There is no direct path from Fat Guy World HQ to work, but there is a roundabout way that is totally walkable and/or bikable.

I am concerned about my front brake. I'm no bicycle mechanic, but it don't look right. One pad is significanty father from the rim than the other. I will have to take it to The Bicycle Shop and have it looked at. My first adventure in LBS repair.

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