Friday, June 18, 2004


Fixed Gear Bicycles

For people who are not clear on the concept, or missed the previous comment from fixedgear, a fixed gear bicycle has no freewheel. That means you must always pedal, and can not coast. The number of gears a fixed gear bicycle has is unity.

A fixed gear bicycle should not be confused with a track bicycle used in a velodrome, like the Lehigh Valley Velodrome. While a track bike is a fixed gear bike, a track bicycle does not have any brakes.

While some regard fixed gear cyclists as buttheads, the Fat Guy admires their ability. That despite the fact that fixes are frequently like "Neener Neener Neener! I'm riding a fixed gear, I don't need no stinkin' derailers!" Mastering fixed gear cycling will make you a much stronger rider.

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