Monday, June 14, 2004


A Little Background

My brother, who I will refer to by the moniker "Serious Cyclist" once posited that I could ride a century. Considering my history of lack of fitness, I found it difficult to hold the two thoughts of "Fat Guy" and "Riding a Century" in my head at the same time. He went on to explain the concept of a comfort or hybrid type of bike. (Obviously I wouldn't use a hybrid for a century, but as a re-entry bike.) I was unaware up until then of such a bike. I didn't think much about it for about a year.

Then one day (January 2004) I got a job which requires me to move to State College, PA, home of Penn State, my alma mater. Being a college town, it is very bicycle friendly. I decided maybe I should buy a bike.

I saw a Giant Revive, and thought it would be great. Serious Cyclist said it looked like a comfortable bike. By comfortable, he meant geeky. He suggested an Electra Townie 8, a comfort style bike with a Shimano Nexus Internal Hub, and without the extreme geek factor of the Giant Revive.

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