Monday, June 14, 2004


Rode a bike!

I convinced a friend and serious cyclist in his own right, Eric, to go bike shopping with me at College Park Bicycles, a (until June 26th) local bike shop with a great national reputation. If you are ever in the Metro DC area, you should go there, they treated the Fat Guy very well.

So on June 10, for the first time since 1985, I rode a bike. I sent the following email to my brother "Serious Cyclist":

So I rode nearly 1/100th of a century today. Had to stop and rest a couple times, HR was 170. Test drove a couple different hybrids, a Partner, and a Trek 50. I'm going back Saturday to test a few more. Out of the two, the Trek 50 was a better fit, and cheap too, only $219. At that price, maybe I should get two.


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