Friday, June 18, 2004


Why I am not getting an USPS bicycle jersey

My friend and serious cyclist Eric asked me if I was going to get an USPS jersey as part of my Bicycle Support Equipment. I said NO! Nothing says dweeb better than a fat guy cycling wearing a jersey like that. Besides, I don't think that they make plus-size XXL USPS jerseys. By plus size, I mean fat.

The only that might me look more dweeby would be a wool Faema jersey like Eddy Merckx wore. Oddly enough, the Faema jersey comes in XXL, which is about the size Eddy and me are wearing these days.

I might get this Penn State Cycling Jersey, or maybe this Penn State Jersey though, they both come in XXL, and that should fit me. Got to represent. "Be true to your school, like you would be to your guy or girl", as the Beach Boys would say.

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