Friday, July 30, 2004


Was that FAT GUY?

I saw a fat guy cycling today. Then I saw another fat guy cycling. Funny thing was, neither was THE Fat Guy Cycling. Why is this? I believe the fastest way to get in shape to ride 100 miles is to actually RIDE your bicycle. This is known as sport specificity. For example, shopping does not get you in shape for riding. Riding gets you in shape for riding. Get out there and ride!

Thursday, July 29, 2004


And now for something completely different...

How about a railbike?

More great pictures are here.

Please be very careful and make sure that the railroad line is really and truly abandoned before trying this.

Fat Guy Cycling does not advocate trespassing on railroad right-of-way and we cannot be responsible for any injuries sustained by railbiking. Our lawyers made us say that. Oh, yeah, that and "contents are extremely hot."


Some Bike Clothing That Fits

Today I received in my mail the first bicycle clothing I have bought that fits. Though not bicycle-specific, Coolmax T-shirts are a better alternative to cotton T-shirts when riding. I ordered them from Splash Creations, and they provided me with excellent customer service, and prompt shipment. If you need XXL or XXXL Coolmax T-shirts, buy from them.

I got a total of four XXXL T-shirts, two in blue and two in white. My school colors. I'm lounging around in a blue one now!

(Coolmax(tm) is a registered trademark of DuPont. Better living through chemistry.)

New York City Cycling Championship

If you are in or near New York this Sunday you might want to check out the New York City Cycling Chamionship which starts and finishes at Wall and Water Streets.

I have a part time gig working for Threshold Sports and I actually get paid to work at bike races! Is this a great country or what?

Saturday we'll set up the course and Sunday I'll sell hats and T-shirts. The bike messenger race is at 11 a.m or so and it was a riot last year.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Conference Bike

"The Conference Bike is a tricycle pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers, while everyone is free to pedal or not as the bike moves effortlessly along."

Sounds like a description of a Dilbert-esque work scenario. I've worked with people who weren't pedaling and were just along for the ride.

Lonely? Hold a meeting!

Monday, July 26, 2004


Bush crashes MTB again

Maybe he should go back to running. This is his second spill.

Memo to George: Keep your weight back and use the front brake sparingly.

Love, fixedgear.


Coach: Ulrich too "nice"

Jan Ulrich's coach says he's too nice and too easily influenced. Read all about it here.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Armstrong Receives Death Threats

Maybe Lance is a mafioso, sounds like someone want to put a hit out on him. He has been receiving death threats. Let us hope that Lance isn't the victim of an irate fan like Eddy Merckx was.

Armstrong the Mafioso?

Good stuff here, here, and here.

In a nutshell, when you have the race sewn up, you generally don't chase down breakaways that contain guys who are two hours or more behind you in the standings.

You let them duke it out for the stage win.

Except when a guy, Simeoni, who is suing you for defamation of character, tries to join the break.

Then you chase him down and lay down the law. You tell the guys in the break that if they let your enemy Simenoni join them, you will call up your entire team, thus killing their chances for a stage win.

They tell Simeoni to get the f*ck out of there, and he and Armstrong retun to the peleton.

The race continues.

Friday, July 23, 2004


Armstrong Makes Letterman's Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Lance Armstrong Is Getting Cocky

10. Race starts at 9, Lance rolls out of bed around noon

9. Has already figured out that the trophy can hold a 3-gallon margarita

8. He eats frosting by the fistful

7. For the last leg, he rode one of those crazy 1920s bikes with the big front wheel

6. Deliberately crashing into things to get more air time on sportscenter

5. Making a couple extra bucks delivering pizzas during the race

4. After the starter pistol is fired, he hangs around hitting on french babes

3. Turns to the other riders and says, "oooh, I'm sooooo scared"

2. Instead of training, spent last 2 months pimping his bike

1. Has started selling ad space on his ass

Actually, they really do have ads on their asses. AMD is the official technology sponsor of the USPS team, and they are featured prominently on the riders butts.

Thursday, July 22, 2004


The Whimsical Cycles of Peter Wagner

These bikes are made entirely from recycled bicyles. No new bicycles were sacrificed for these creations!

See them here.

Lances' Bike Has a Blog

You can read it here.


This sculpture is called Message from the Sole Survivor of a Tandem Crash. Brilliant!

You can see more at Cycles,Bicycles,Tricycles

Vintage Bicycle Ads

Hey fellows! is a site that has many vintage bike ads. Just like the ones Serious Cyclist has in his bicycle themed powder room!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Cheap bike stuff

I'm cheap, I admit it. I hate paying full price for bike stuff. So I shop around.

Chuck's Bikes has good cheap stuff.

So does Icycles.

I don't polish my bikes with Pedro's Bike Lust even though it is fine stuff, 'cause I'm way too cheap.

I use Pledge which leaves my bikes nice and shiny and makes 'em smell good, too.

Oh wait, not real Pledge, I buy this cheap crap at the dollar store.

Adventures in Plus-Size Cycling Clothing

I was pretty psyched when I found XXXL cycling jerseys from a company called Longs Cycles on I ordered an XXXL Demarchi No Logo Jeresey in blue and white, my school colors.

I was so happy when it arrived in my mailbox today. I unwrapped it, the tag said XXXL, thought it looked a bit small for an XXXL. I tried it on. It did not even make it past the man boobs. It was an XXXL all right though...a European XXXL!

It is as if the Jersey Nazi has said, "No Jersey for YOU!"



Minutes ago, during the replay of the Stage 16 Time Trials, Phil Liggett was talking about spectators on the road during the TDF. He said, "In what other sport can fans get so close to their favorite cyclists?"

Duh, I guess no other sport Phil, cyclists only participate in cycling. I guess he meant race instaed of sport.

Welcome to post 100, the century post.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


A must read!

Here goes an incredible post to a mailing list by the guy who built my Rivendell Quickbeam, which was Bike of the Day for June 26th.

His name is Joe Starck, and he might have inhaled too many flux fumes.

The Internet Bob mailing list is a place where folks gather to talk about vintage Bridgestone bikes, but it is so much more.

These guys don't just ride bikes and talk about them ad infinitum, they ruminate, pontificate, elucidate, debate, berate and re-state their opinions on bikes, culture, art vs. craft, etc., etc.

This post so cleanly skewers them that it is just a masterpiece.

It reminds me of the Hypnocracy Papers where Gratefeul Dead lyricist Robert Hunter poked much good-natured fun at the Deadheads.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Two bicycling questions

One reason I haven't ridden my new bike yet is that I am unsure what to do if my cats rub against it and get grease on themselves. The two questions to which I have been looking for answers are:

Is bicycle grease harmful to cats?
How do you remove bicycle grease from a cat?

I am totally serious.

R. I. P. Tugboat

I have two cats, and I will miss them when they are gone. So I can understand how the loss of Tyler Hamilton's golden retriever Tugboat during Stage 10 might have adversely affected his performance.


Heft on Wheels

This book sounds like a must read for the Fat Guy.

Vintage Cycling Posters

Here is just one place to get vintage cycling posters which are just beautiful. Byrrh is a French aperitif that is a blend of red wine and quinine water, mmmm, goes well with cycling.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Rock Star


Used Car

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Godspeed Aura

I noticed in my statistics at that someone from the Earth Observing System at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center viewed my site.

I'm certain from the IP that it was my serious cyclist friend Eric who helped me choose my bike. In his honor I want to include a link to the upcoming Aura spacecraft launch, that was most recently scheduled for 14 July 2004. Good luck and godspeed Aura. My spacecraft is also launching on a Delta II in October, so you know I sincerely wish Aura all the best.

The conquest of space. Another human endeavor related to bicycling.

A boy and his bike

Straight out of the 1950s we have Billy riding his cruiser bike! He is wearing black Chuck Taylors, while a squadron of F-86 Sabres flies combat air patrol overhead.

Political satire, the cold war, black Chucks, and F-86 Sabre jets. All related by bicycling.


I added a link to Fat-To-fit to the "Mostly Bike Links" along the left hand side. F2f shows up when you do a Google search on "fat guy cycling". I am impressed with this gentleman, but I am fatter, smoke more, and never once was I in shape.

One for fixedgear

I am sure he has heard this, but I thought he would like this quote:

"I still feel that variable gears are only for people over forty-five. Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailer? We are getting soft... As for me, give me a fixed gear!"

Henri Desgrange

Exercise, Does It Work For The Over Fat?

Here is an interesting article: Exercise, Does It Work For The Over Fat? The short answer is yes. Actually, this comes from a site that is trying to sell weights, but the title and content caught my eye.

New bicycle design from Bigha

On Metafilter today there was a sidebar ad for a bicycle company called Bigha. Bigha's new innovation? A recumbent. Stop the presses.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Jan Ullrich Looking Forward to His Next Meal

Jan Ullrich asks, "Vhere is der Strudle?" after a gruelling Stage 9 of The Tour de France on 13 July 2004. He is hungry for victory. He vill devour his competition.

Bike of the Day

Schwinn Hollywood

His and hers Sting-Rays, and his and hers 26" wheeled Schwinn cruisers. This one was purchased at the flea market that used to be held in the parking lot of the Roosevelt Mall. I like its pink and white-ness. Hollywood!

$51 bike

Since moving to State College a couple of weeks ago, the Fat Guy has been spending a lot of time in Target. I have bought a lot of things at Target recently, a $51 bike was not one of them. You know what kind of bike $51 gets you? A $51 piece of crap, that's what. That bike was assembled by the pimply faced teenager you see performing all the McJobs on the Simpsons.

Department store bikes are typically ridden 75 miles before they become landfill. I wanted to tell that to every person I saw wheeling a bike out of Target recently.

Fat Guy is back!

Hello Fat Guy fans! Just a couple hours ago I installed my new cable modem at Fat Guy World HQ, and I am back on the net. I would like to give a special shout out to "Anonymous", who posted a comment in response to this previous post.

I started this blog for you Anonymous, and people like us. I spent a lot of time looking for information about fat people cycling, and it was sparse. I decided that I would put my research in one place, and save others the trouble of looking. I knew I could not be the only person who was interested in bicycling as it relates to the fat. Tell your friends about this site Anonymous!

I brought my bro on board because he likes bikes, and I thought he could provide worthwhile content, and I think he has. One of my long term goals is to pair up lots of fat people with lots of serious cyclists in an effort to combat obesity in America.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Bike of the Day

Sears Spaceliner

Since the Fat Guy sometimes dabbles in Aerospace Engineering (when he is not focusing with laser-like intensity on his 100-miles-in-one-day goal) I thought he might get a kick out of this bike.

This one really was sold by Sears, and it is too bad I don't have the men's model which is shiny silver.

The mock radio looking control panel actually works the front headlight.

A design tour de force, this bike speaks of the confidence that America felt at the time. The conquest of space!

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Bike of the Day

Schwinn Fleet

This bike belonged to our older brother. He doesn't have a nom de blog, so we'll call him "First Born" which is of course a pseudonym.

It used to have a big wire basket on it, which I took off. I addded the springer fork and those wide whitewalls.

Kind of hard to see, but that button on the "tank" is a horn, that still works after all these years.

My mom gave it to her cousin who in turn gave it to her son. He had it for many years. Then he went through a divorce, too bad. When they were going through the process of "is this your CD or mine?" they sort of rediscovered this bike. They asked my mom if they thought I might want it since they know I like bikes. Hell yes I want it!

This is a Chicago made Schwinn, from the days when "Made in the USA" actually meant something. My parents bought this for my older brother from the Schwinn shop on Castor Avenue in 1970 or so. They also sold Classic Comics, BTW. You could buy bikes in a department store then, but they thought supporting their local independent bicycle retailer was a wise move and a good investment.

Way to go, mom and dad. Can you imagine what a 35 year old Huffy or Murray might look like?

Jan Ulrich's Tour de France Blog

Jan Ulrich has a Tour de France blog, in English. You can read it here. He talks about his struggles with his weight and diet, mostly. Just kidding.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Bike of the Day

Two days ago we had the guy version. Today we feature the Schwinn "Fair Lady."

I think this bike might have had a white plastic basket with flowers originally. It has a cool two-speed Sturmey-Archer coaster brake rear hub controlled by a small trigger mounted on the right handlebar. Schweet!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Bike of the Day

In honor of the 'malliot jaune' or yellow jersey we're gonna go with a yellow Schwinn Sting Ray.

When I was a kid my parents bought me a Sting Ray just like this bike, with one exception. My childhood bike only had one gear, since those new-fangled three-speed hubs or five speed derailers were thought to be too unreliable for a maniac like me. The cool Stick Shift was later banned by the CPSC since you could suffer a serious testicular injury in a mishap.

The only Schwinn left in the bike business is Richard Schwinn who runs a company called Waterford Precision Cycles.

Schwinns are sold in Wal Mart now, which is kind of a bummer. The Schwinn name has changed hands several times since the firm went bankrupt. You can read all about it here in this great but sad book.

Friday, July 02, 2004


Jan Ullrich wins 2004 TDF

Don't hate me Lance fans, I have a lot of respect for Lance. But this is Jan Ullrich's year. His knee is better, and he isn't using speed. I want to go out on a limb and predict that Jan Ullrich will win the 2004 TDF. You heard it here first.

Bon Voyage

The Fat Guy hopes that Serious Cyclist and Chef have a good time riding their tandem in NY state.

The Fat Guy put his front wheel back on last night. The V-Brake seems better than I remember it, but the left pad is still much farther from the rim than the right pad, about 5mm versus 1mm. I'm not sure if that is a problem or a feature.

The LBS is having a clothing sale, I might check it out to see if they have plus-size cycling clothing. After riding in a cotton T-shirt, I appreciate the wicking properties of a cycling jersey.

I won't have my cable or internet hooked up in time for the start of the 2004 TDF, so I made need to come inot work to check the progress.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Bike of the Day Goes on Vacation

Bike of the Day will be taking a break for a few days while I go cycling on Big Blue (Bike of the Day for Tuesday, 6/29/04). The person who owns the other half, "chef," will be joining me as stoker.

She is responsible for map reading, opening PowerBars, and waving to small children in minivans.

We're going to Garnett Hill, which is a cross-country ski resort in the winter. Our friends have a house there. It is in the Adirondacks which is a mountainous region in New York best known for its chairs.

There is no cell service there, once you leave the New York State Thruway, which is kind of nice. There is no cable television there. There is exactly one broadcast channel there.

There is no high speed internet service there. Until a few years ago, the houses there had a party line telephone system. Now they have private lines, so we'll be able to connect to the internet at a blistering 56K and not piss anyone off. We'll be getting our Tour day France updates from

When I return it will be Schwinn week. Lots of fat guys ride Schwinns!

Bike of the Day

Saint John's Street Cycles "Cyclocross/Touring" Bike

I liked the SJS Fixed Wheel Training Frame so much (Bike of the Day for Sunday, 6/27) that I got this bike. It is essentially the same frame and fork, only with cantilever brakes which operate on the same principle as cantilever bridges. I made that last part up.

The canti brakes make lots of room for fat tires, fenders or mud. I'm not much of a cyclocross racer but I do ride this bike off road. Seeing me coming down the trail usually amuses the folks who see me, since only insane people ride drop bars and skinny tires off-road.

Cyclocross is a sort of bicycle race where folks ride and then hop off and jump barriers then re-mount and ride away. Repeat as necessary. It is very popular in Belgium where they also like strong ale and French Fries with mayo.

The bike has bar-end shifters which are very simple, contain few moving parts and are insanely durable.

It has a triple crank for nice low gears. With the addition of racks and some smooth tires, it makes a dandy touring bike.

It also has a Brooks saddle and a Dooney and Bourke, err, Gilles Berthoud bag.

I left the decals on this one since they were clear coated, but I removed them from the fixed gear bike. They were just die-cut vinyl and I used my thumbnail to scrape them off. People ask me if the bike came from South Jersey Cycles. Huh?

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