Thursday, July 01, 2004


Bike of the Day Goes on Vacation

Bike of the Day will be taking a break for a few days while I go cycling on Big Blue (Bike of the Day for Tuesday, 6/29/04). The person who owns the other half, "chef," will be joining me as stoker.

She is responsible for map reading, opening PowerBars, and waving to small children in minivans.

We're going to Garnett Hill, which is a cross-country ski resort in the winter. Our friends have a house there. It is in the Adirondacks which is a mountainous region in New York best known for its chairs.

There is no cell service there, once you leave the New York State Thruway, which is kind of nice. There is no cable television there. There is exactly one broadcast channel there.

There is no high speed internet service there. Until a few years ago, the houses there had a party line telephone system. Now they have private lines, so we'll be able to connect to the internet at a blistering 56K and not piss anyone off. We'll be getting our Tour day France updates from

When I return it will be Schwinn week. Lots of fat guys ride Schwinns!

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