Thursday, July 01, 2004


Bike of the Day

Saint John's Street Cycles "Cyclocross/Touring" Bike

I liked the SJS Fixed Wheel Training Frame so much (Bike of the Day for Sunday, 6/27) that I got this bike. It is essentially the same frame and fork, only with cantilever brakes which operate on the same principle as cantilever bridges. I made that last part up.

The canti brakes make lots of room for fat tires, fenders or mud. I'm not much of a cyclocross racer but I do ride this bike off road. Seeing me coming down the trail usually amuses the folks who see me, since only insane people ride drop bars and skinny tires off-road.

Cyclocross is a sort of bicycle race where folks ride and then hop off and jump barriers then re-mount and ride away. Repeat as necessary. It is very popular in Belgium where they also like strong ale and French Fries with mayo.

The bike has bar-end shifters which are very simple, contain few moving parts and are insanely durable.

It has a triple crank for nice low gears. With the addition of racks and some smooth tires, it makes a dandy touring bike.

It also has a Brooks saddle and a Dooney and Bourke, err, Gilles Berthoud bag.

I left the decals on this one since they were clear coated, but I removed them from the fixed gear bike. They were just die-cut vinyl and I used my thumbnail to scrape them off. People ask me if the bike came from South Jersey Cycles. Huh?

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