Sunday, July 11, 2004


Bike of the Day

Schwinn Fleet

This bike belonged to our older brother. He doesn't have a nom de blog, so we'll call him "First Born" which is of course a pseudonym.

It used to have a big wire basket on it, which I took off. I addded the springer fork and those wide whitewalls.

Kind of hard to see, but that button on the "tank" is a horn, that still works after all these years.

My mom gave it to her cousin who in turn gave it to her son. He had it for many years. Then he went through a divorce, too bad. When they were going through the process of "is this your CD or mine?" they sort of rediscovered this bike. They asked my mom if they thought I might want it since they know I like bikes. Hell yes I want it!

This is a Chicago made Schwinn, from the days when "Made in the USA" actually meant something. My parents bought this for my older brother from the Schwinn shop on Castor Avenue in 1970 or so. They also sold Classic Comics, BTW. You could buy bikes in a department store then, but they thought supporting their local independent bicycle retailer was a wise move and a good investment.

Way to go, mom and dad. Can you imagine what a 35 year old Huffy or Murray might look like?

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