Tuesday, July 20, 2004


A must read!

Here goes an incredible post to a mailing list by the guy who built my Rivendell Quickbeam, which was Bike of the Day for June 26th.

His name is Joe Starck, and he might have inhaled too many flux fumes.

The Internet Bob mailing list is a place where folks gather to talk about vintage Bridgestone bikes, but it is so much more.

These guys don't just ride bikes and talk about them ad infinitum, they ruminate, pontificate, elucidate, debate, berate and re-state their opinions on bikes, culture, art vs. craft, etc., etc.

This post so cleanly skewers them that it is just a masterpiece.

It reminds me of the Hypnocracy Papers where Gratefeul Dead lyricist Robert Hunter poked much good-natured fun at the Deadheads.

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