Thursday, August 05, 2004


The candidate's bikes

The incumbent:

The challenger:

Expert analysis:

Bush - Trek Fuel 98

MTB. $3,100. No clipless pedals. Helmet. Shades. No gloves. One bottle.

Kerry - Serotta Ottrott

Road bicycle. $8,000. Clipless pedals. Helmet. Sidi shoes, just like fixedgear uses! No shades. Gloves. Two bottles.

The verdict? Too close to call. Kerry has clearly demonstrated his ability to ride with one hand. Road bikes are faster on the road, but dual suspension MTBs like Bush is riding are the weapon of choice off the road.

(Please note that the bike Kerry is riding in the NYT article does not appeat to be an Ottrott. The Ottrott is a blend of Ti and Carbon tubes, and who would paint such a fine machine orange? I'm guessing that Kerry can afford more than one bike. Heck, even I can.)

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