Thursday, October 28, 2004



The Fat Guy sent me this link a while back.

This is just too good not to share.

It was linked on Presurfer today which reminded me of just how great the Biker Fox is.

Dude, only Cippolini can rock those white shorts. On anyone else they are just plain wrong.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Z is for Zanotti


And it is a fixie!

Well, that was fun. Look for more, um, regular posts soon.

I am going to Copenhagen in early November. Bicycling magazine says that Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle friendly cities on the planet. We'll see.

I'll be sure to drink some Tuborg and smoke a Cuban cigar while riding a 60 lb. flat black city bike around town.

Y is for Yeti

Yeti Cycles have been around for a long time, building great mountain bikes.

I'm on a roll!


X is for Xtracycle

Long time no blog.

With the dust settling from our remodeling project, it is time to get back to other stuff.

Fall is a great time to ride bikes and enjoy the colors.

If you want to ride bikes and bring stuff (like maybe a keg of Octoberfest beer) you might want an Xtracycle.

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