Thursday, January 27, 2005


Armstrong to go after hour record?

According to, Armstrong has assembled a team of experts called the 'F-One' group to work with him on his hour record attempt. The group includes Carmichael Training Systems (CTS), Nike, helmet-maker Giro, wheelmaker Hed, Advanced Micro Devices and aerodynamicist Len Brownlie. Not sure what AMD is gonna do (they make chips) but the roles of everyone else seem pretty clear.

Here is a link to the New York Times article mentioned in the piece. Note: Registration required. Visit bugmenot to bypass registration or enter 'presurfer' as both user name and password.

There are actually two hour records. One is the 'athlete's' or 'absolute' record, which must be set on a conventional bike. That record is held by Chris Boardman. The other is the 'technology' record or 'best hour performance' which is also held by Boardman using every aerodynamic advantage possible.

Edit: Here are the hour records.

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