Saturday, January 29, 2005


Fat Guy Cycling: "a tad roadiesque.... but good just the same"

When I started this blog, I never thought my blog would ever be called "a tad roadiesque." I guess my decision to bring my brother onboard to provide content changed the tenor of my blog a bit, albiet for the better.

In a way, this blog has indeed turned out as I expected, "a chronicle of zero to one hundred, presently closer to zero". My actual fitness goal is to lose 100 pounds, and increasing my nearly non-extant bicyling skills seems like a good way to help attain that goal. I remain presently closer zero in weight loss and bicycling ability because personally I lack exercise skills and knowledge on how to exercise. At least I have room for improvement.

It is also my intent that my blog serve as a resource to people who are at a beginner level of bicycling and/or fitness. Having fixedgear make interesting posts that attracts input from more experienced cyclists supports that intent.

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