Sunday, February 20, 2005


Doctor Doctor, give me the news...

I was thinking of fixedgear the other day. I finally visited my new Primary Care Physician, something I have meant to do since August. My PCP took a family history. Naturally, he asked about my brothers.

I told him about other brother, who is overweight, but not to the extent I am. In my mother's words "I saw [other brother] the other day. Jesus God, he's almost as big as you Fat Guy!"

I then told him about fixedgear. I said, "I also have a brother who is five years older than me. He's in pretty good shape. He rides centuries." He then proceeded to use fixedgear as an example of proper diet and exercise. But I knew that.

The visit to the doctor was productive. I got a prescription for generic Wellbutrin SR to help me with quitting smoking, some good diet advice ("Eat colorful food, like fruits and vegetables."), and he sent me for a blood test.

My blood type is Ragu. Ba-dum-bum. But seriously, I'll likely get a statin next to take care of the cholesterol. I go back to the PCP in a month. So begins an attempt at improving my health.

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