Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Cycling Psychology

This is from Part 5 of the rec.bicycles FAQ. I thought this was interesting. "Motivation, the last frontier. With enough of it any ordinary person can become a world class athlete. Without it the same person could end up begging for change downtown. Even a tremendously talented rider will go nowhere without motivation. How do some riders always seem to be so motivated? What are the sources of their motivation?"

BMW versus BMW

This site compares and contrasts the Bavarian Motor Werks and the Brooklyn Machine Works.

The BMW link on the BMW vs BMW site is caput, so I provided an appropriate BMW link.

Die-Cast Bicycles!

You can never be too rich, too thin, or if you're a serious cyclist, have too much bicycle schwag. Here are some nice die-cast BMW bicycles, and some lesser brands of bicycles also. The John Deere bike is $79.99?!

This guy's bicycle is faster than my BMW!

From exbyte, here is a video of "SwissRocketman" and his bicycle. His rocket-powered bicycle reaches a speed of 236 km/hr (about 147 MPH). According to the manual, my Bimmer is electronically limited to 128 MPH.

Friday, March 11, 2005


To the Fatmobile!

I just bought a car that has a steptronic transmission. I used my google-fu on steptronic to learn a little more about it. I came across this post: "Weekend ride: Audi A4, Daily Ride: 90 Pansonic Fixed Gear."

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Fixedgears on Fark

Fark has a link to a story about those "throwback" fixed gear bicycles and the nutty folks that ride them.

Friday, March 04, 2005



Get yourself a copy of iPodder, and then listen Endurance Radio on your iPod.

One Less Car

Not to be confused with this admirable group, this post relates to my car, the Sat-Urn. It has given up the ghost. It is not turning over, I hate it, so it is time for a new car.

Yes, I flirted with the idea of going bicycle only.

First Week Smoke-Free

The combination of cold turkey and Wellbutrin seems to be working. I just passed a week without smoking. Sometimes I feel like a cigarette. Just one. But I know from my previous attempts that just one becomes just one pack, the just a couple packs, then a few years. So I just deal.

I've been walking to work becuase of car problems. I wore a heart rate monitor the past couple of days, and I've noticed a drop in my BPM. I do feel better, I didn't feel as winded on the walk to work.

Le Tour de France for the Playstation 2

I was doing a GIS for "Bicycling 101" to see if I could pick up some tips, and I came across a link for bicycling video games, including this TDF game for the PS2. I've only seen the PAL version, so it might not be available in the States.

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