Sunday, April 17, 2005


First ride of the season

So I rode the bike today. It was sunny, and I figured I could get out early enough so that not many people would not see the Fat Guy cycling.

After about 0.5 miles, I had pain in the balls. I got off and checked my saddle, and it had pitched up from horizontal. I whipped out the Target hex key set, made it vertical, and off I went. Same thing about 0.5 miles later. I adjusted it back to horizontal, and banged the saddle a little forward. Seemed OK, but at the end of my ride, it still was pitched up a little. Any other large bike riders have saddle experiences to share?

Engineers love data:

Distance: 1.61 Mi
Time: 11:40
Avg Speed: 8.3 MPH
Max Speed: 14.2 MPH
HR (Before/After): 90/137 BPM, still 102 after 0.5 hours

Not a terrible ride, even if I spent more time getting geared up, getting the bike out past the cats, and down/up the stairs than I did riding.

Note: I would have ridden further, except for the extreme PAIN IN MY BALLS from having saddle pitch up after every half mile. My legs and lungs were fine, the boys weren't.

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